You are a unique expression of life on earth.

My sessions are designed to address your needs. We observe the pattern of pain and restriction as it presents throughout your Whole Body. I listen to your being to determine the best way to assist you in unraveling this pattern. This work honours your individuality and unique nature. After the treatment, we will review the session and I will offer some practices to help you integrate and stabilize the work we have done.

Whole Body Healing is a unique approach to healing and wellness that arose from my training in advanced massage therapy techniques while simultaneously training in advanced energy healing. I discovered that by addressing the physical and energy issues simultaneously the whole body would make a profound shift into greater health. Further, the transition was smoother and the results longer-lasting.

I am in a unique position to help you because I am deeply trained in both physical and energetic healing techniques. I am able to follow the healing process throughout your whole body and help you reach a stable point of resolution.

Whole Body Healing is a safe and effective approach to reducing long-standing chronic pain and restriction, resolving past traumas, and achieving confidence in expressing who you are. A full spectrum assessment and a unique integrated treatment supports healing and resolution on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Treating energetic and physical factors simultaneously provides fast, lasting results. My work is delivered through touch. I usually incorporate Fascial Release, Visceral Mobilization and Craniosacral therapies. These modalities are commonly used by massage therapists, physiotherapists, and osteopaths. Energetic approaches may include grounding, medical qigong, energetic dialogue, chakra work, and recovery of displaced energy.