Somatic Inquiry

somatic inquiry

Somatic Inquiry is a process of asking questions into the body 

Clear questions, asked with curiosity, access your body’s creative capacity and invites change.

Somatic Inquiry can deepen body awareness as well as shift old patterns and habits, held in the body, that no longer support you.

Somatic inquiry is safe. It aims to reduce long-standing chronic pain and restriction, relieve the effects of past trauma, and inspire confidence in expressing who you are.

Somatic Inquiry is a unique approach that arose from my training in bodywork while simultaneously training in energy healing.

My studies in relational neuroscience and the physiology of trauma, and self-regulation have refined the work.

These sessions are guided by your curiosity and focus on asking good questions into your body.

This work honours your individuality and unique nature.

Your body carries a record of every moment of your life. It is your constant companion and it works endlessly; doing the best it can to keep you safe and to provide you with what you desire. 

Somatic inquiry allows you to develop a working relationship with your body, and to learn its language ~ sensation, movement, and impulse. Tracking sensation in response to inquiry can help you access your body’s wisdom. 

A full spectrum assessment and a unique integrated treatment designed to support well-being for your WholeBody.

Session Rates

90 minutes is recommended for your first visit and Constellation Sessions. Please allow about 15 minutes at the end of your session for an easy transition into the rest of your day.

Credit cards are accepted and online booking is available.

Somatic Inquiry In-Person

In-Person sessions may be supported with touch or gentle bodywork. Energetic approaches may include grounding, medical qigong, energetic dialogue, chakra work, and recovery of displaced energy. After the treatment, we will review the session and I will offer some practices to help you integrate and stabilize the work we have done.

Online Somatic Inquiry

The individual session described above, except for the bodywork. We would meet on Zoom. I created this option for those who live too far from me to work in-person. If you can get to my office, please opt for in-person work.