Constellations are an embodied tool for change.

1on1 Constellation Session using objects

Constellations help us to see what has not been visible, to release what does not belong to us, and to reclaim what does.

The constellation is guided by your curiosity and your intention. 

You will build a 3-D model of the situation you are wanting to explore.

Key elements are laid out in a pattern that feels true to your body. 

My constellations style is emergent and grounded in somatic awareness. Family constellations are included in Systemic constellations, but I do not center the family system. All relational systems offer new awareness and possibilities. 

A space of belonging is created for all elements of the system.

Elements that have been excluded, are given a place. Elements of the system are seen for what they contribute and their influence on the whole system is allowed to unfold in an emergent way.

We often do this work when we are together in a large circle, but the work can be done 1-on-1 using mats or objects, or on-line, using a virtual whiteboard.

Session Rates

90 minutes is recommended for your first visit and Constellation Sessions. Please allow about 15 minutes at the end of your session for an easy transition into the rest of your day.

Credit cards are accepted and online booking is available.

1on1 Constellation Session using objects.

1 on 1 Constellations

An individual exploration with support. Once your intentions and the exploration have been framed. You will build out the relational system on the floor using mats or objects. In this way you can literally ‘step into’ any perspective. You may be able to move things around and even find a way to move through the situation with more clarity and ease.

Online Constellations

This is also an individual exploration, like the 1-on-1 Constellation. We will meet on Zoom and draw out the relational system on a virtual whiteboard. I created this option for those who live too far from me to work in-person. If you can get to my office, or find a local Constellation facilitator I would always choose that for you.

Constellation Circles

Let's come together to explore the issues that seem to interfere with our beautiful lives. Members of the group represent elements of the system and are placed in the room, creating a 3-D model of the issue within the system. This is the constellation. The work progresses by seeing how distinct elements of system are interrelated, hearing from the representatives, repositioning the elements, or adding new elements until there is a sense of ease in all the representatives. You are then given the opportunity to step into your place in the system or take in the new constellation in a comfortable way. Anne Kaye and I co-host constellation circles 3 or 4 times each year.

Next Constellation Circle~ Sunday March 19, 2023

with Brian Mount and Anne Kaye

The circle takes place from 10:30a to 4:00p at WholeBody Living at 2223 W. Broadway Ave. in Kitsilano.

 Time allows for 3 or 4 constellations, with a mid-day break.

Space is limited and all are welcome. No prior experience is necessary.

Offered by donation (suggested range $30 -$80).