you're nature

Remember you're body *

WholeBody Living is an ongoing practice of integrated embodied presence and somatic inquiry.

Embodied presence creates a sense of safety and belonging.

Somatic Inquiry is the practice that builds trust between you and the body-that-you-are. 

I offer sessions that honour your individuality and unique nature. They are guided by your curiosity and specific to your needs and goals.

Your session may include integrated bodywork, somatic inquiry, somatic awareness explorations, and energetic practices.

I share simple practices with you to support you in discovering that 

you belong here, now

Brian Mount of WholeBody Living

I ask really good questions that engage your body in the healing process.

I also offer tools and techniques, resonant accompaniment, and a safe space to remember that you are a body

* Not a typo. You are your body and you are nature


Somatic Inquiry

Somatic inquiry is a process of asking questions into the body. Clear questions, asked with curiosity, access the body’s creative capacity and invite change. They can deepen body awareness as well as shift old patterns and habits, held in the body, that no longer support you.

Massage Therapy

Looking for something a little more traditional? Massage Therapy addresses the main areas of concern, while supporting full body integration of any changes as they occur. Primary techniques include fascial mobilization and release, cranio-sacral therapy and visceral mobilization.

Systemic Constellations

Constellations are an embodied tool for change. The constellation unfolds in an emergent way. Elements are fully seen for what they contribute. Elements that have been excluded, are given a place and their influence on the whole system is allowed to unfold.

Online Sessions

There is no distant offering that can replace the quality of support and presence of working together in-person. I would always choose that for you. If that's not available and you live too far away to see me in-person; some of what I offer can be done by meeting online or over the phone.

Sundays in 2023: Jan. 29 ~ Mar. 19 ~ May 14 ~ July 2

Constellations with Brian Mount and Anne Kaye