Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy (90 minute only)

Medical Qigong Therapy is a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing. Assessment is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and treats illness through a combination of Qi emission, exercises prescriptions and meditation.

TCM views disease and illness as a whole body event involving all aspects of being – spiritual, psycho-emotional, energetic, and physical. Illness occurs when the harmonies of the 5-phases (sometimes called the five organs) is disrupted. Every aspect of the whole body is supported, created and ruled by on the 5 main elemental phases represented by the vital organs in the physical body. One of the goals of assessment is to determine which organ has been most affected and see what is required to restore balance.


Medical Qigong assessment looks to discover the root, branches and fruit of the illness. The root is the original cause and how the illness is maintaining itself. The branches are the directions of its growth and the other areas of your being that is affected by the illness; the fruit are the obvious symptoms produced by the illness. MQT seeks to remove the illness, roots and all, strengthen the body and fortify its ability to restore what has been lost or weakened and return balance, harmony and flow.


Qi Emission Therapy: The therapist manipulates energy in the form of Qi, while the patient rests comfortably on the table, although the treatment can also be given in a seated or standing position. The therapist purges excess or stagnant qi that is having a negative impact on the whole body. They then replenish the body with vital new qi and finally circulate the qi within the whole body restoring harmony and flow which allows the patient’s body to fight off illness, restore tissue and regain health and the vital expression of living.

Exercise Prescriptions: MQT recognizes the importance of personal proactive involvement in health and vital living. Direct treatment is only one aspect of MQT care. The patient will benefit from a qigong practice that is specifically designed, based on their condition.

Qigong exercise incorporates movement, breath, visualization, intention and sound to release and gather energy to restore and fortify the body’s natural ability to heal. Exercise can be prescribed or general. Prescription exercises are specifically assigned to treat imbalance and illness conditions. They maybe a little more potent and often focus on purging and cultivating specific energies areas, organs, or tissues contributing to the illness and imbalance. Prescriptions exercises are given specifically by the therapist to achieve a specific effect. Once that effect is realized, the exercises are no longer required and general practice may resume.

General practice can be practiced routinely and is usually done in a series that addresses and supports all five phases/organs evenly .These can be considered maintenance and a way to gradually enhance the quality, quantity, and force of Qi you are able to hold and convey through your body and being.

Meditation: MQT incorporates Shengong or meditative practices to fortify the strength and sense of spirit in the patient. MQT recognizes the possibility that illness and disharmony may arise from or affect the patient’s relationship to spirit – their own, their family’s and ancestors’, their relationship with the natural world and their sense of presence and purpose. Meditative practice allows the patient to realign and harmonize their inner world with something greater, expressed through family, community, the planet and the Tao (the source of all that is). Meditation in the form of Breath practice, walking practice, visualization dream journeys and intentional circulation of Qi can be a subtle and profound aspect of your healing.