How Chakras Work

it's anyone's guess

In my own personal healing and in my healing practice, I often discover that the pattern presents as the chakra system. Here is what I have observed. Each chakra has a direct connection to heaven and earth as well as participating in the vertical flow of the entire chakra stack. This is good news it means that no chakra needs to be strongly impacted by erratic flow from the one above or below it.  You can support your chakra system by ensuring that each chakra is receiving flow directly from source unity above and the earth below.

Each chakra receives and expresses wisdom, love, awareness and creativity; the expression will be different in each chakra. It can be fun explore by asking for each chakra to show you it’s sense of love, joy, or peace. you can ask how each chakra expresses creatively. If you are really feeling adventurous, bring a concern or upcoming decision to each of your chakras, one by one. You are most likely to discover new perspectives and possibilities.

There are many different ideas and descriptions about chakras, what they look like and how they work. Even the best and most consistent information is a human articulation of an energetic phenomenon and will not provide the whole picture. I strongly advise exploring and observing directly to see what is true for you.  I have created a few opportunities to explore your chakras safely and with my guidance this month and next.


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