Welcome to HappyBelly!

We are HappyBelly! movement exploration and medical qigong, co-facilitated by Brian Mount and Amy Kiara Ruth.

We provide classes & workshops that bring forth your inherent wisdom and encourage full awareness of your vital organs and your whole body.

Traditional Chinese medicine and our own direct experience tell us that the vital organs each have a unique character and expression. Working in harmony, they support and guide us in having the life we are here to live. Brian says, “Your body knows what’s going on and it wants, for you, the best that you can be. HappyBelly! can help you to get in touch with your body and begin to trust your gut.

Movement and sensory/somatic awareness introduce us to the wealth of brilliant wisdom and depth of evolutionary experience held within our bodies, our tissues, and our cells.

The body presents a very different way of knowing the world and of being in it. To be embodied, to be in the body, is to be in connection with everything. When we begin to inhabit the body as our primary way of sensing, feeling, and knowing the world, when our thought operates as no more than a handmaiden of the somatic way of being, then we find that we as human beings are in a state of intimate relationship and connection with all that is. To be in the body is to know our sense perceptions as opening out into a sacred world. To be in the body is to feel our connectedness with other people as subjects. It is to know the natural world, the earth, the ocean, the rivers and mountains, as our relatives, others with whom we are in deep relation.” – Reginald A Ray, PhD Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body