HappyBelly! workshops

Please join us on for a weekend of HappyBelly! in October:

Friday evening October 25th, 7 – 9:30pm, Saturday October 26th, 9:30am – 5:30pm, & Sunday October 27th,  9:30am – 4pm

In the season of the harvest, we will explore the cycle of the 5-elements in relation to our internal organs through Qigong, movement explorations, meditation, and reflection. Come reap the benefits of these enjoyable, relaxing movements during this weekend intensive.


Come for the Friday evening ‘taster’ ($35) or join us for the full weekend experience ($225).

This weekend workshop is an opportunity to bring forth your inherent wisdom and encourage full awareness of your vital organs and your whole body. We will use the foundation of the 5-Organ (5-Element) system of Qigong in collaboration with a variety of body-centered intuitive and expressive approaches, and guided experiential movement practices to explore ways of sensing, moving, and supporting improved health of our internal organs.

Qigong uses meditative intention, breath, and gentle movements to support health & wellbeing through the flow of energy along meridian systems in the body. Movement and sensory/somatic awareness introduce us to the wealth of brilliant wisdom and depth of evolutionary experience held within our bodies, our tissues, and our cells.

Time will be allocated to emphasize specific organ pairs and participants will learn simple movement and sensory awareness practices for home care.

Workshop Location: HeartQuest Healing Collective, #202 – 1651 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC.

Please register in advance: by contacting either Brian, 604.254.4272 or Amy, 604.873.2346

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