What is…?

what is Qigong?

happy bellyQigong uses meditative intention, breath, and gentle movements to support health & well-being through the flow of energy along meridian systems in the body. In HappyBelly! we use the foundation of the 5-Organ (5-Element) system of Medical Qigong to explore ways of sensing, moving, and supporting improved health of our internal organs.

…. what are Movement Explorations?

happy buddha happy bellyIn HappyBelly! we use body-centered intuitive and expressive approaches as well as guided experiential movement practices to develop increased possibility for movement, to cultivate attunement with our own somatic intelligence, and to reconnect to our full range of embodied expression.

Movement and sensory/somatic awareness practices introduce us to the wealth of brilliant wisdom and depth of evolutionary experience held within our bodies, our tissues, and our cells. Movement explorations offer us ways to pay attention to our breath, alignment, & sensation and to connect to our own inherent and emergent health as a dynamic organism. By making peace with our bodies, with our lived experience, we can cultivate a more compassionate presence for being in the world.


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