Who We Are

HappyBelly! is co-facilitated by Brian Mount and Amy Kiara Ruth.


Brian Mount, RMT: I became a registered massage therapist in 1997. I graduated from the InnerFocus school of Advanced Energy Healing in 2003. I have trained in many advanced manual techniques including myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral mobilization and manual lymph drainage. I amĀ  a medical Qigong therapist, certified by the International Institute of Medical Qigong and the Henan University, China. I am completing the practicum that will provide certification as a Master of Medical Qigong. www.brianmount.ca

Amy Kiara Ruth BSc (Kin, Ed): A life-long interest in movement has led me to become a kinesiologist and somatic movement educator. I enjoy working with people of various levels of ability to bring out their movement potential and by supporting the emergent expression of health inherent in each individual. I draw upon my extensive movement experience and training in dance, kinesiology, taiji/Qigong, the Pilates method, Self-Regulation Therapy, Continuum & Continuum Montage, and related somatic movement forms. www.amykiararuth.com