Happier Bellies! something weekly!

Last night kicked off this year’s HappyBelly! classes. Flowing Waters reminded us of the power of waves, tidal surges and allowing for constant flow. With that in mind Amy and I are offering even more ways for you to be with your happy belly through more regular practice and exploration. There is something for you each week of the month beginning in February.

  • Medical Qigong Practice on the first and third Thursday (and the occasional fifth!). Brian will lead you through a balanced practice of clearing, recharging and balancing using a consistent routine. Repetition with the group will allow you to make these practice your own, leaving you free to use them whenever you choose. Schedule is posted here.
  • Movement Elemental on┬áthe second Thursday. Amy will guide you through movement explorations immersing you into your body’s knowing of the elements. There is a different focus each month. See details here.
  • HappyBelly! movement explorations and medical qigong on the fourth Thursday of the month. HappyBelly! continues rolling through the elements and associated organs each month. Class schedule and description can be seen here.

Attending HappyBelly! is not a requirement for these classes. we invite you to follow your own curiosity and what feel good to your body.

Any questions? post a comment below or send us an email

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