hint of fall

As the rhythm of the moon waxes and wanes and the garden offers its bounty in response to the glorious summer sunshine, I am noticing the shift in the summer air and that the sound of the wind rustling the leaves is slightly drier  Рa hint of fall is on its way. Brian & I are excited to offer a HappyBelly! weekend intensive this autumn: Friday evening, October 25th, Saturday & Sunday October 26th & 27th.

In the season of the harvest, we will explore the cycle of the 5-elements in relation to our internal organs through Qigong, movement explorations, meditation, and reflection. Come reap the benefits of these enjoyable, relaxing movements during this weekend intensive or join us for the Friday ‘taster‘ evening only.

spring has sprung

On my cycles to work I am enjoying the emergent cherry blossoms and the bird song that calls forth the budding, leafing, blossoming of the trees. The longer days and the recent sunshine called me forth for outside qigong practice. Last week I took advantage of the sunshine to practice some qigong in a neighbourhood park, the cedar trees offered a resilient strength & deep grounding support. This week’s HappyBelly! workshop, Emerging Shoots, offers opportunity to sense into the wood element. How can the wisdom of wood as expressed through your body assist you in gentle action in the world? As David Whyte says, “What waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches again a future sky?” I am looking forward to continued explorations with the element of wood.

enjoying subtle movement

This week I had a lymphatic drainage massage. As I was appreciating the subtle, gentle attention to the quiet presence & flow of lymph, I was reminded of how the movement explorations and qigong practices of HappyBelly! also give opportunity to attend to the fluid dynamics occurring within.  When I cultivate deep listening with and to my fluid self, I feel more easeful and more present. And so, I am looking forward to continued attunement to the element of water with the next HappyBelly! class; Deep Reservoirs, on Thursday evening, February 28th.