Chakra Dynamics

The chakras are a system of containment and flow, like any other aspect of the body. There is a form that holds, releases, and directs the flow of energy through the chakra. Energy flows into the depth of the body and out into the space around us. A rhythmic relationship and communication occurs between ours chakras, and also between our chakras and another’s.

Anodea Judith describes energy stepping down into density and releasing out of form, through the vertical stream of the Chakras. Carolyn Myss attributes certain aspects of being to each chakra. While both of these models have proven useful in my healing practice, I try to stay open to what my client is showing me. Everyone has their own wisdom and things do not flow as easily when you impose an idea that is not present in that being.

The picture above I have gleaned through Google. it shows chakra damage and and some of the physiology of the chakra. i find this very complicated and it does not represent how I see and work with chakras. I have found that we each have our own way of seeing energy and our own symbolic language. My recommendation – stay simple. Is it in the right place? Is there flow in and out? Is it communicating with the WholeBody? Is it performing its role within the unity of Being?

Chakras can appear to be uncentered, wobbly, unconnected to the larger systems, and even ‘shutdown’. This is how the WholeBody shows you where it may require your awareness and consideration. What would best serve you at his moment? Are the chakras able to come into alignment? What is required for that to happen? These are the kinds of questions we will be exploring in the coming months as we explore the chakras and how they support in creation, completion and unity.


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