Awareness Release Technique with Brian Mount

**New Class**

May 11 and 12  10am to 5pm ~ $220

Awareness Release Technique (ART) can be used to reduce body pain, and changes in chronic conditions. It can allow the body to let go of stored and trapped emotion that may be holding you back from life, and it can unhinge habits and patterns keep you from receiving something new. In these 2 days you will deepen your connections to your body and your higher self (deep inner wisdom). ART uses body awareness and deep sensing, active imagination and energy amplification, allowing your body to change, release energy and ground more deeply. Providing more comfort, energy, clarity and ease.

This class is for those of you who are looking for another way that you can advance your own healing and help others who are struggling. It is a great way to begin to work in energy healing.You will give and receive and facilitate an ART healing while learning the technique. There will be plenty of time for your questions. It will be wonderful to see you here.

ART was created by Dr. Jaffe and taught to me by AlixSandra Parness of the InnerFocus School of Energy Healing.

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